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Posted on: July 24, 2008

After some hard luck trying to import my friendster blog to blogger taking up a couple of hrs, i finally gave up! Damn the error page, doncha juz hate it when u get an error page?? WordPress is so much easier to import, why didn’t I discover this earlier?? Ok, finally manage to import my original blog to WordPress, so..WOOHOO!!!

You may wonder why I did this. Well, for the reason that my friendster blog, being converted to a paid blog last Nov due to an irritating intruder, cannot be downgraded to a free blog and expiring in Nov. Since I have the time now, I better move the entire blog to a free one. Still cannot get it with blog themes, used a default one, but cannot see content leh..must click on a link then can see..too lazy to shift it to Blogger. Haha..

Yeah, so welcome to my new home for my blog. Just don’t let my Ah di see it, coz he will report it to the intruder again.

Some updates: Left HP on 20 Jun. Looking out for a new job currently. Offered a position which have no fixed location, contract n maybe starting on 1 Aug. Well, just hope the co gives me a good offer. Wait n wait n wait…duh…


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