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Freedom in Christ

Posted on: October 11, 2009

What does freedom in Christ mean to you? Was reading a book on the bus and I wondered about what that meant. I think my immediate thought says it means you are free from Sin. I didn’t explore further whenever I thought about this in the past.

However, came across a small part of a book and it was saying that “freedom in Christ” is the ability to be able to choose to NOT sin. I pondered further. We are captives/slaves to Sin before Christ came and freed us. With this freedom, it does not mean that we are people who cannot sin, rather people who have the choice to choose & that set us apart.

Non-Christians always have this mis-conception about us. They think we are unable to sin because we are redeemed in Christ. So they become extremely critical of Christians who do wrong, raising the bar higher for Christians. They think God is holy, so we are holy. If we sin, we are bad, so we are following a bad God.

My parents for example, would always use my Christian status against me. If I did something unfavorable in their eyes, they would go like this “Did your Christian God teach u to be like this? or Christian can be like this? Thought you are holy people?” If that same thing was done by my brother (a non-Christian), they would keep quiet and just let go of it. It is extremely frustrating but nothing can be done at that point to explain things when you know you are in the company of mockers. Attempts to explain would simply go unheard.

Well, it’s late now. Will followup on this topic again.


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