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Thanksgiving to God!

Posted on: May 26, 2009

I just have to share this testimony here!!

For the past week, I’ve suddenly got my nerve pain back from the slip disc on the other side of my body. I suspect it was due to the back massager I used. So it was back to physio and this time it is not covered by the company, since I reached the cap last time. I expect to have to go back for another 3 sessions at least..so each session will cost me $65..total about $260.

Then on Sunday, I went to the dentist for fillings. I was told it would cost $60. When I got the bill, I got a shock..it was $240!!! It’s $60 for each tooth. Felt so cheated. So out of the blue, I had accumulated $300 in unexpected expenditure and another $200 coming. I was feeling so stressed coz I’ve used the budget for the party in one shot.

Miracle Part 1:
Then yesterday, while feeling vexed, I picked up the Daily Bread on my office desk. Flipping it, I suddenly felt like asking God that I am feeling very vexed..I don’t know what to pray for..please..speak to me about anything I need you to talk to me about! While praying I flipped the booklet left n right and ask God to stop me at the appropriate. Guess what happened?

I stopped at an entry on Aug 11 2009. It started with questions. I’m quoting out of context, but its the gist of it. “Am I a constant worrier? Am I worried about the future, debts, bills, health etc” Thunder n lightning struck in my mind..Oh my goodness..God is speaking to me! It immediately came to my mind of how I have been troubled over all of the above for the past week and I was at a complete loss at how I was gonna make it through the month till the next payday.

Now we all know there’s a teaching in every entry, this one was Cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you..You can imagine I was awed n speechless n excited. Reflecting further, it also talked about trust (my central, forever issue that He has to reinforce in me from time to time) in Him.
I decided to put my faith in His word because I know He just spoke to my heart. I prayed and told Him,

Dear Lord, I know you are speaking to me, I will take it in faith that You will take care of my worries, be it finance or health or anything that worries me, I believe that as long as I live by Your word to cast my cares upon You, You who cares for me, will take care of everything. I do not see how that will happen now, but by faith, I am placing my trust in You, no matter what happens, you are my Provider!

With that, I closed the matter in my heart that God will take care of my worries.

Miracle Part 2:
Today..my boss came. He came with a surprise for us..the “envelope” that we have all been eagerly waiting for and expecting to get in Jun. Just in time! It will be released to us this month..Yippee..my financial woes are OVER!!! My prayer yesterday immediately came to mind. God is SO GOOD and TIMELY!!!

Miracle Part 3:
This is about my nerve pain, although it is still there, pain has become minimal in a rather short period of time after just 1 session of physio, that to me is a miracle because the pain at its worst, was killing me.

It hasn’t happened yet, but I believe God will heal me in His time.
So I thank Him for His Providence and want to share this testimony with as many ppl as possible that my sweet, sweet Lord is a wonderful Lord who knows me when I don’t know myself, who provides for me what I need, who cares for me when it seems like no one does and who sees the big picture and is able to make everything beautiful in His time.

Hallelujah!! Praise and Glory unto His Name!


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