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Jingru at Bugis 12 Sep 08

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Photos taken..

It was a long wait from about 6.15 to 7.30 before my fav 情歌天后 ~ 梁静茹 appeared. It was very very very crowded. Went to buy the DVD+CD album at the event (coz it will be cheaper! hehe..but is $25 cheap?) I know the CD at $14 is. But more worth it to get the DVD album, hehe..

Ok, the event must be mostly attended by couples coz they were practically all around me.

1) On my left, there was an irritating girl who was sleeveless and long-haired and she was like sticky and turning her head so often (hitting me with her hair in the process) and making me extremely irritated.

2) In front of me, was a couple, the guy was tall and the girl was very short, as the guy was right in front, I was being blocked and I held my cam above his head to show my irritation, much to the amusement of those people behind me.

3) On my right, was another couple. This time the girl was near me. Another short girl and she is so insufferable!! PDA in public not enough for her, must be high profile. Keep acting cute and touching the guy and shake her hair all that crap. I hate it when people’s hair touch me. Damn irritating.

Thank God, the album came with a so-called priority Q coupon. When the guard opened the gate, everyone was still a bit lost on what’s going on. Then he called for the priority Q coupon holders.Everyone rushed forward waving their coupons, I hurriedly found mine and managed to squeeze somewhere at the 1st 4 rows.

Finally at a more manageable area, I was a bit put off coz the line in front of me was standing on the railing and it was difficult to take good pictures. Most of my pics ended up blurry due to that and I only recorded a 1min plus video, all the while, with a manicured hand holding a camera being inside the screen view. Damn that stupid girl..she is in front, and she still went on the railing and worst of all, she had to hold her hand up high and block MY VIEW. Idiot..

Then there was this guy with a big-sized gf who just left the bf and stood behind me. Well, this guy keep leaning into me purposely and I felt he was trying to 趁机卡油 and I was extremely irritated as well. No one was moving forward or what and we had ample space around, so he didn’t need to lean into me.

Anyway, although this is not the 1st time I have seen Jingru, I was still too star struck to say a word when I went to the stage for the autograph. She was dressed in a pink top (my fav color, YAY!) and jeans and she looked absolutely gorgeous and cute. She performed some songs live, including my fav song 会呼吸的痛 from her last album. My mind kind of went blank when I went up the stage and I just managed to smile and say a “Hi” while she replied back “Hi” and smiled, and shook my hand.

So sweet!


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