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Foot reflexology

Posted on: September 1, 2008

Sprained ankle is still swollen, so my parents decided to make me go see some sensei at Fu Lu Shou on Sat. Turns out to be a foot reflexology session. Hurts like hell through the session. It was not enough for the sensei to just work on my swollen foot, he said that all hands and feet are necessary. Gulp..

So I endured the excruciating pain with which he further diagnosed that I get leg cramps every now n then (sometimes, so I guess it’s true) and I have a weak digestive system (will go weak if I dun eat and when I eat, dun feel full, just keep eating until very bloated then realise..hehe..which is both true lah!) , aching back and tense shoulders. He reminded I should not drink so much cold water, doesn’t help the back and shoulder muscles etc etc. Basically, I lurve cold water, I never like hot/warm stuff, so water is always drunk cold. Now I have to make some changes..

Anyway, its a Monday now, 2 days later..I don’t see any blueblack marks but hor, my right hand, above the wrist, hurts like I got a terrible bruise below. The sensei really test my pain tolerance level for an old man.  Very pain ah..still swollen a bit at the ankle, n now got hand pain too. Hope the suffering was worth it and I will be healed soon!

While I was contorting my facial expressions in a screamless manner (not a screamer), enduring the pain of the treatment, my dad was smirking, enjoying the moment. Hmph. Then..dunno why he also decided to have a session. As he was after mine, he asked me to go out and walk around while waiting. Bet that was coz he didn’t want me to see his contorting performance too! Hehe..Anyway, after his session, he commented that it was a painful process for him too, he nearly burst into tears with the pain. Haha..so much for laughing at me! neh neh neh neh neh…

It was quite cheap for the sessions though, $25 per session. At least half an hour or so, not like the 1st sensei, 5 mins n $28 liao.


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