Juz emotions taking me over

Wondering why?

Posted on: August 29, 2008

Wondering why I’m updating my blog so often..seems like every weekday haha..well coz..

I have nothing..zero..nada..to do at work. Everything is so unsettled, I don’t have work to do yet. Everyday, come in , sit n face the computer and wait for lunch..after lunch, wait for off work. At 2 or 2.45, I will look at my clock automatically and wonder why time seems at a standstill..Grr… and that’s when I start to blog.

Yes, I have to keep reminding myself..its honeymoon period, appreciate it coz you are never gonna get such times once things get going. It’s tough, boss A and B both sitting on my left and right. Having nothing to do, is cham enough, and I have to get questioned why nothing to do. Boss A just spoke to me twice. Must be wondering why I am not doing anything. 1st, he ask me if I got do reporting (eh..no work, no training, what reporting to do huh?) and 2nd, the server thing I know how to do (eh..that other team haven’t give me any update on when is the training) so..nothing for me to do except stare at the laptop.

Time only flies when u are bz, other times, it crawls. Sounds like some kind of insect haha..

Alamak..now only 3pm..just 17min passed by..Big SIGH… another 2hrs 43min till end of the work day.


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