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SG Funny Man’s serious moments

Posted on: August 24, 2008

Today, at the invitation of a friend, I went to CEFC’s 30yr anniversary service. The guest speaker was Gurmit Singh, Singapore’s very own funny man. He carried himself very well and made some jokes before he sang a couple of songs while giving his testimony of God’s love. Felt it was such a powerful testimony of God’s grace so, just wanna share it here.

He shared that his mother was to him, the strongest woman in the world. She NEVER fell sick. She worked long hours and did her household chores when she was back. The only time she fell sick, was when she stopped working. Born as a Sikh and being Asian, his family is just like most of us when it comes to Christianity, it is an angmoh religion and we better don’t get involved. His 2 younger sisters were converted to Christianity when they did bible studies as a subject. His parents blamed him for failing to watch over the sisters and Gurmit persecuted his sisters for their faith along with the parents.

When Gurmit was 20yrs old, his mum was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. The cancer had spread to the stomach, big and small intestines and liver. Their world fell apart as they watched the once strong woman fight a losing battle and bedridden. She was told that she had 6mths to live. Out of desperation, they tried all means, from sinseis to bomohs and whatever religious possibilities of a cure. Finally, one day, his sisters’ plucked up the courage to ask his mum if they could bring their pastor to see her. She agreed.

The pastor came, told her that Jesus Christ was no Santa Claus, where u give him a list and thank him and expect him to deliver. One needed faith, to believe that he was God and He was Savior. His mum accepted Christ. Gurmit converted later on, on an occasion where a famous preacher came to Singapore and he witnessed people getting healed. He mentioned that he heard a voice, asking him whether he will accept Him. He accepted.

Gurmit, a newly converted Christian, offered a simple but faithful prayer, asking God to extend his mother’s life, so that she could watch him, her only son, get married and have grandchildren. At 20 yrs old, he was single and available, yet he had the faith to ask God to let his mother watch him have a family of his own before He took her away. God answered that prayer. On the next doctor’s visit, his mother was CLEARED, completely healed of the cancer. The doctors could not find out why, except to say that it was a miracle. His mother then lived on for another 16yrs to watch him get married and have a girl and knowing that a son was on the way. His mother was again diagnosed with stomach cancer and Gurmit was reminded of the prayer he made and was at peace this time. He accepted that his mother’s time had come and a month later, she passed on. Later on, his father came to accept Christ for 2yrs before he too, was taken away due to cancer.

He is blessed. The Lord has been so faithful and gracious to his family. God loves us all, despite all our inequities, with this testimony of his love and grace, we can see the hand of God holding us all despite our circumstances.


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