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Thanksgiving to God n some people

Posted on: August 14, 2008

Bought a new pair of shoes and wanted to wear it to work yesterday. Barely 5min walking in the new shoes..i sprained my ankle..Grr..stupid shoes…never gonna buy another pair of shoes I deemed too high for me. I usually buy at most 1.5 inch max. But this time there was not a single pair of 1.5inch shoe that looked nice in the shop so I bought a ‘new stock’ 2 inch high shoe from the China salesppl. See..stupidity..should never listen to those sales ppl, next time I have a sales person next to me in a shop, I am walking off.

Early morning kanna sprain..Well, thank God for some of the good things that came along but I shall let u know the bad things first.

1) Forgot I had my keys in a pouch that I was carrying, so I assumed my keys were lost. No keys to go home.

2) Just a week into the new job, stupid phone did not save my boss number. Cannot contact.

3) Called people for help to contact boss but none picked up.

Now the GOOD THINGS and PEOPLE which I thanked God for:

1) I sprained in front of a parked vehicle and the driver happened to be a sensei. He stepped out to help me.

2) Behind the vehicle..was the famous TCM clinic which I always go to if I got a sprain. It moved from Zion Rd to this block near my place. 

3) There was a coffeeshop next to the clinic. The clinic opens at 10am (it was 8.30 when this happened), so I had somewhere to sit and wait.

4) Tried to call ppl to contact my boss via email (My hp somehow did not have the phone num which I clearly remembered, I had keyed in). No recollection of the last 4 numbers and I only remembered the email. Called 5 ppl and all cannot help. 4 did not pick up, 1 on the road – my bro n dasao. Then I got an sms from Ben. Called him immediately and he was able to help! Million thanks!! GRATEFUL siah!!! Always a friend I can rely on 100%.

5) Only $15 in my pocket. The bill came up to $28 ($22 treatment, $4 medical oil, $2 slippers). The shop asst was kind enough to let me come back later for the difference.

6) Had to see a western doc for MC. He was located just behind the block. Hobbled there..then bad thing..no NETS, only payment in cash.. Not a single cent on me. Then the good thing happened..received an sms from my dasao that she was coming to help me home. Asked her if she could pay for me 1st and she was ok. She also had the keys to my place. Yay!

7) Doc gave me 3 days MC. I had nothing to do in office yet, only next week onwards as the trainer will only arrive next Mon. So the 3 days was just right for me to be at home. Hehe..before I die of boredom in office.

God is good!! Right? I hope u agree after what I’ve said above. End of thanksgiving.

Well, those friends I called who didn’t pick up, they contacted me a while subsequently. Jessie, I was suppose to meet for lunch as she had an interview near my office, came to my place after her interview and spent the afternoon with me. William, my job agent, called back with loads of talk on the best doctor near my place. I found out that Dr Tan (the clinic I went), was his classmate. Evelyn, smsed me to ask my wellbeing.

Kervin, smsed me that she got a slight sprain ( no need to see doc) and  tell me her bf ask if sprain can take 2 wk MC or not (hello..its not chicken pox and your leg is not broken, medically speaking, just a muscle thing) and whether she can claim $ for Chinese sensei (where got?) Even if have, its my co biz policy, not applicable to u). ABSOLUTELY NO WORD OF CONCERN IF I WAS ALRIGHT. What a good friend, only concern $$ and MC. Too much..you love $$ too much.

How would u feel if the same thing happen to u and I only concern about ‘it happened to me before’ and ‘how much compensation I can get from the co if it happens to me’? Frankly, I dun give a damn it happened to you before because you are not feeling the pain right here right now and I am not getting a cent from your company due to your injury. A little concern like, “how are u now?” would be more appreciated then your concern on what compensation the company will give me.

A few more people found out later that I was injured. All of them came asking about my wellbeing, I was immensely thankful for having their concern and absolutely irked at one person for her behavior as my closest friend.

There are friends who know the “joy of giving”, friends who know “both the joy of giving and receiving” and friends who just know the “joy of receiving”…


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