Juz emotions taking me over


Posted on: August 6, 2008

Dammit..few days into the new co, I have discovered the cons of it..the Internet is heavily blocked up in here..I can’t go to Yahoo Mail, Hotmail (all webmails), MSN, youtube, haoting, Multiply etc etc..soon I believe, Facebook will be blocked too! Can’t read email, can’t msn, can’t see video, can’t hear music..ARGGHH..

Immensely irritated that since I got nothing to do, I was hoping to be able to just surf around..but the stupid blocking is making me irritated. One of them..I tried to visit the site, it says the site is blocked as it is classified as tasteless. Hahaha…what a big big joke..some blog..too bad for the blog owner..

So far, really nothing much to do, did some slides to orientate new ppl coming in. This is another big joke too..no one orientate me yet and I have to go n figure out how to orientate next month’s newbies..New supervisor (join on same day as me) quite laoya..to be frank..but she got Masters leh! Dun play play.. Have to observe somemore…Not very IT savvy..and smart alec to..1st day can go and bump into glass.. The door in the middle, she cannot open it due to no pass..then she go to the side of the door to walk thru..then the door put there for what? Hahaha…bump into the glass..Oh yeah..I know..shouldn’t laugh..but COMMON sense mah…so I better act blur for the time being. Hiaks..

Sian…another 3 hours 45mins to go thru the day..it’s only 2pm..


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