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Woes of the average poor Singaporean

Posted on: August 2, 2008

1) Transport fares most probably going up again. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20080802/tap-326-sbs-transit-smrt-submit-applicat-231650b.html

Quote: “SBS Transit and SMRT attributed the need for a fare increase to soaring energy and fuel prices.”

2) Labour chief commenting on issue of wage increase. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/cna/20080801/tap-051-ntuc-chief-concerned-global-econ-231650b.html

Just had to quote these from the article:

“Labour chief Lim Swee Say has urged workers to work together to cope with a global economy which may be heading towards a state of stagflation — one sparked off by low growth and high inflation.”

“”The worse thing that any country does at a time of high inflation would be for the unions and workers to push for wage inflation. Wage inflation is different from wage increment. Wage inflation means you are pushing up wages to fully offset the inflation,” said the labour chief.”

My two cents:

Apologies, Mr Labour Chief, I beg to differ. Eh first of all, I thought I heard that the forecasted growth % was adjusted to reflect higher? Maybe I heard wrongly. Secondly, I think average Singaporeans like me is feeling the pain of inflation on our measly pockets and we don’t really care about the diff between definitions of wage inflation and wage increment so long as it means a little more money to help us tide over the economy inflation and price increases on oil, our staples like rice and public transport (PT).

It is funny though, on one end, PT is being encouraged and being the ever-obedient average Singaporeans, we are doing what’s encouraged by Ah Gong. But..taxi fare increase, bus fare increase, now MRT and BUS fares going to increase – Why leh? (see above quote from (1)) Alamak, how to cope????

The poor average Singaporean, cannot use the same excuse to request for wage increment. We are not pushing for wage inflation, we are pushing for wage increment which seems to have become an urban legend in recent years.

We pay more to ensure that they can cope with their rising costs (and still make a reasonable profits of God-knows how many millions of $, – if they see low/no profit, then propose to increase price) but who is helping us cope with OUR rising costs? Sure..Ah Gong give us some few hundreds of dollars in recent years every Budget to cope with GST and inflation (THANK YOU, Ah Gong! – Must be grateful, to Ah Gong. Ok, say thank you, else, dun have how? Got something is WAAAY better than nothing.)

Ah Gong says our little red dot got no natural resources, our only resource is me and you (this knowledge is drilled into every kid since young). So you can only depend on yourself, ok? Ah Gong won’t support you forever, but Ah Gong can help you survive in old age/illness by keeping your CPF away from you for as long as possible so that you will not spend unwisely and have no need to ask Ah Gong for support in old age. Preferably, you are healthy, you can still work and not be a liabilty.

Besides, on our island, you won’t starve to death, you probably just live day by day. From time to time, can give you a bit of $ though, just to be nice and make sure Ah Gong stays in power. Ah Gong give warning, don’t be stupid..if Ah Gong don’t stay in power, everything he has built will be gone in 5yrs. Such an unthinkable thought! Damn scared of this happening, ok!!!

Ah Gong..I promise to keep you in power by voting for you in every GE, be an obedient asset and not liability to you for as long as we both shall live. I unconditionally accept your every decision for keeping my salary stagnant, my CPF away from me (unless it is to pay you for your nice gesture of building us flats to live in), your acceptance of rising living costs, (unwilling as I am) because you are highly educated and rich (which I am not), simply because you do the thinking and forecasting for me (assuming I can’t think on my own – this is an extremely unthinkable thought, to think I have my own mind!!) and you know what’s best for me.


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