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Secret blog of Dawn

Posted on: July 28, 2008

– As seen on http://xxvsdy.blogspot.com

Call me fascinated with the war of XX n DY. Been going to the various webbies to see the latest going-ons and read from DY’s blog that she had a secret blog. A day later, guess what? Author of http://xxvsdy.blogspot.com announced that she may have found it and announcing it the next day. What can I say? Kudos! Amazing! Intrigued! How did she do it? She is like a supergood P.I. – digging up all the dirts on DY. XX should hire her to be P.I. and get all the evidence in court for her lawsuit.

Just came from the website today that you can read all about it (the secret blog) from http://theliesofdawn.blogspot.com/ . It’s not her blog, but it’s all about the discovery of her different personas on cozycot to defend herself and put others down. Based on the dates, they are so updated. OMG..what can I say? It is just simply shocking to see the extent one can go to delude herself.

Lies to cover up lies..the bubble will burst and the day of reckoning seems to be getting nearer with the continual dirt being dug up. She sure doesn’t know how to cover her tracks. It’s the internet, girl! Don’t you read that ppl use fake IDs all the time? I can only say, incredulous! Using her real info when registering at a forum for the purpose of doing the untold..pure stupidity or what? If u wanna do the untold, the least u can do is cover up. I thot that’s what you are good at..covering up. Why do u let ppl discover u so easily? Haha.. And the friendster account thing, maybe she will change to another email address after she read xxvsdy like she obviously did.


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