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New job, new beginning

Posted on: July 25, 2008

Just got a call from the agent this morning..i got the new job and it starts 1 Aug. He called me at 11.30 and happened that today my phone was not at my side. Missed the call, saw that there were 3 missed calls already. Must be that he got the package details. GOODIE!! I called him back n he told me he understand that ppl not working tend to sleep in. Haha..so awkward siah… Seriously, 11.30 still early, i stayed up to abt 2.30am leh before visiting zz land. He told me excitedly that he got the email from the co at 7pm yesterday and happened that, so coincidentally he did not do OT as he did on other days. Duh..

Finally after 2-3wks of waiting, I know what is in the package. Will be working at Tg Pagar for the time being. Everything’s only a slight tad better, except a cut in the annual leave portion. Wish me luck and hope I excel as I did in HP n get lots of other bonuses haha..$$$ makes the world go round. Oh..most importantly, meet the right ppl, dun wanna end up with another nightmare warzone at work. Knew that the agent also have 2 other newbies for the job as well, so everyone’s equal. Hope my new boss is as good as the one at HP.

Gone are the days of late nite staying up till 2,3am n waking up at 12pm. Haha.. Have to start adjusting sleeping hrs this wk. Gone are the days of afternoon hi-tea, cheap noon movies, shopping n facials. I will miss that! Welcoming the days of morning fighting-for-bathroom and mirror with my bro and the days of morning rush hr (hm..on 2nd thots, not that welcomed :p …)

Going for the church retreat later as planned. Not really looking forward though, as I don’t know what to expect, no program sheet for me. But it’s paid by a friend, so have to appreciate her generosity n well-meaning. I hope this weekend will be an extremely fruitful retreat.


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