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Posted on: March 29, 2008

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Went to this church with my colleague today. Her daughter started attending this church and she just wanted to make sure that it is a good church. 🙂 Nice mommy huh? I would have to tie up my mum n kidnap her if I want her to go to a church with me hahaha.. anywayz, we were greeted by some adults who were quite apparently informed that the mom was coming to observe the church. So they actively introduced themselves to my colleague and the service suddenly started with the grandeur of a rock concert, loud music n a group of musicians started the ball rolling without warning in the form of the usual opening for the congregation to quiet down. 

The church was a youth church, mainly catering to youth, even though it was an adult service. The style is very much like CHC, grand looking stage, P&W session like a rock concert, complete with the cameras rolling n stage lights. The ppl started jumping around on the spot. I don’t get it, what is with ppl jumping ike zombies gotta do with p&w? The ground was shaking like an earthquake took place as the jumping was synchronized to an amusing point. Everyone start n stop at the same time hahaha… the only diff from CHC was the lack of ppl speaking in tongues/praying.


1) Rock Concert staging

2) Pastor who speak with appeal to youth (all the talk abt cool, emails..wasn’t too happy that he start saying in modern context, Mary/Martha would be sending Jesus fax/email/Fedex/sms/handphone missed calls etc to get him to save Lazarus. Yah, we get it.

3) Pastor dressed in casual jeans/shirt.

4) Church building funds. I feel quite strongly that ppl don’t need church building funds to make nice buildings for attending church.  Lack of fellowship? We have cell grps right? That’s where u can fellowship.

Going to church in today’s context, especially for big churches, we can even do it online. Save $ on better purpose, I say. You don’t need a big nice building. God don’t need a big nice building. If you want a big nice building, then build a stadium instead so that more ppl can come. Isn’t that why ppl ask for building fund? To accomodate more ppl. It’s not to accomodate God. God don’t need the building. We have a mega church in SG that spent millions on building a nice building for a church and a big rotating cross. Just a few yrs into it, they decide to have another church building fund to build another bigger building. What’s the use? What is the big rotating cross for? The $ would be better spent on building churches for those who cannot afford, like poor countries, on mission trips to reach those in need of God. Isn’t that what God want Christians to do?

5) Pastor like to make ppl repeat after him. Key phrase of the day "Turn to your neighbour and say …" What’s the point of that? Useless.. It is used on every opportunity possible, even for things that have no meaning.

But the msg was good. My lessons learnt, 1st, we should come to God in faith, not in fear. When we have need for God, we pray to him. But most of us come in fear of the things we pray for. We hope we will overcome with his help. 2nd, faith without action is useless. I like the analogy he drew, with Jesus & the moving Lazarus’ tombstone. The ppl, in order to witness a miracle, have to move the stone that is in the way. If they did not do so, they probably would not have seen Lazarus alive again. 3rd, God’s way of faith, is to believe and see. Not see to believe.

Wasn’t too comfortable n did not feel ready. Just odd..maybe it’s been too long, not going to an ‘i’ church. I’m not ready to accept going to one just yet, even if I have problems with attending house church.

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