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Hog’s Breath Cafe @ Vivo

Posted on: December 7, 2007

Yesterday, went to Hog’s Breath Cafe @ Vivo for dinner with a friend. It was a delightful time we had. Best restaurant I have been to lately. The service staff were all friendly and smiley and greeted us all the way to our table at the end of the restaurant. Did the same thing when we left. Food came quickly and they were piping hot and the staff was very polite in answering our enquiries about the food and drinks. Such nice service!

Ok, my friend’s a lady so we actually ordered just one main, called the Tex Mex Combo and 2 baked potatoes, 1 side Chicken tenders and Coke. Tex Mex Combo had a chicken chimichanga (looks like a popiah) and a grilled sirloin steak on Cajun rice. Topped with cheese sauce and tomato salsa and comes with a salad and Hog Tail fries(Curly fries).The rice was actually just a couple of spoons. But it was covered in jalepeno and both of us did not like it. The steak was ordered as ‘medium done’. It was tender and tasted a bit bloody to me although you don’t see any blood. Just that the meat was tender and slight pink on the inside. But it was a delicious pc of beef in look and taste! The chimichanga, we actually ordered beef, but they came with chicken. It was so delicious that I did not notice it till the last few bites..chicken is white when cooked. The curly fries was a generous serving and we did not manage to finish it as we each had a giant baked potato to conquer. Haha..wished I had only ordered 1 potato and shared it.

Baked potato was a slight disappointment as it had a tiny serving of sour cream and very tiny bits of spring onions. The sour cream sort of disintegrated by the time we got to eating the potato. Chicken tenders were deep fried chicken fillets coated with breadcrumbs and came with a tangy sauce which tasted suspiciously to contain wasabi..

I definitely will visit the place again! Yummy!


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