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She’s beaten all of us to Heaven. A tribute to Cecilia Lim.

Posted on: November 13, 2007

Yesterday, I received the shocking news that a dear ex-colleague of mine at Chartered had passed away due to cancer. Her memorial service was to be held at 8pm. Happened to be an extra bz day for me, so ended work at 7.30pm. I was thinking of not going as it was late but felt that I needed to go see her for the last time on earth. Rushed there and my friend actually gave me the wrong address. Should be Blk 38, but the sms said 138. Couldn’t find 138 but managed to get to the correct place at 8 sharp.

At the service, we were informed that she was 51 and she passed away due to terminal stage lung cancer. It was another shock to me as she was an extremely health conscious person. She was always reminding me to eat healthily and volunteering to share her healthy lunch with me and telling to drink apple vinegar to lose weight. She even offered to make me some. Often, she will encourage me to go exercise, even extending invitations to her condo to make use of the pool and gym there. Knowing I love to sing, she would encourage me. Once I wrote a song, and she found a guitar in the office and invited a few friends to listen to the song. She always had a cheerful, friendly disposition and greets everyone wherever she goes. A little indulgence in sinful foods would make her very cheerful. She made Don’s Pie famous and loved in Chartered. Don’s Pie was a store her brother had. The dept admins always placed orders for at least a few hundred bucks combined!

The current use of past tense here..is saddening..to be speaking of someone in past tense..is not easy. I’m really sad at her departure but at the same time, knowing that she is with the Lord, I’m sure she is much much happier and at peace. At her memorial service, she had apparently touched the lives of everyone there, young and old, family and friends, in her short time on this earth, leaving her footprints and smile in the hearts of people. She was loved by the Lord and she walked in His ways, followed his command to love everyone.

When she found out she had cancer, her first sms to inform her sister was ‘I have beaten you to heaven!’ It takes someone real courage to say that in the face of death. The pastor mentioned that she even prepared for her funeral, listing her budget for the funeral in detail, how much to spend for the coffin, how many days it was to be held. She prepared her will and documents all ready for her family too. She had triumphed over the fear of death, as her pastor said.

Her love for the Lord made her strong and assured that even death is nothing to fear. As they sang the hymns and reflected upon her life, my tears just flowed non-stop…first time I ever broke at a funeral..

Dear Cecilia, Thank you for your friendship and love! I mourn your departure but knowing the hope we have in the Lord, I know you are assured and at peace, that you are no longer suffering or in pain, that there are no more tears where you are, that you are in the arms of our dearly beloved Lord. I will remember the love you had for the simple things in life, of how you can be so cheery and excited at seeing a beautiful flower or an eagle soaring in the sky, thanking God for His creation. I will remember your gentleness, kindness and encouraging smile you always had for me. Know that even though you are gone, memories of you will live on in my heart and the hearts of many. God bless your soul and rest in peace!


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