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Watching 881..

Posted on: August 19, 2007

Watched 881 with my friend..finally..was waiting n waiting for her to be free to see. Small Papaya (the actress in the show, Mindee Ong) is her classmate, I think..in sec school. So she was quite enthusiastic about seeing the movie. We wanted to see on the National Day weekend, both days cannot make it. Then yesterday, again not free. Today free. So I went today. I had wanted to go earlier, perhaps catch it on my own? But since I promised to watch with her, I have to wait lo..

Please do not ask me in wide-eyed amazement and awe why I watch movies alone most of the time, that’s why i watch movies alone most of the time. I don’t have to fit into anybody’s schedule, own time-own target. 

The show was very touching. Actually made me cry a few times. The songs are sad n small papaya acted so well, so sad when she collapse on the floor part. It was funny too..at the beginning. Learnt that she actually did shave her head! And I wondered, why did 715 get a part in the show? His presence seems to be of little significance, and made even less felt as a mute in the show. Just playing with that  cock n maintaining that one look throughout the show. Anywayz..final verdict..the show is GOOD!! Go watch it if u haven’t!

Oh..look what I found in youtube! So exciting!! Jim from DreamzFM actually did a song for 881 called "Dai Ti". Here’s a clip of him singing Live at the Ubi Getai, there’s a mtv version, but no Jim there, hehe..


Further exploring, I found the Papaya sisters Live performance also la..Actually they sing quite good, wonder why they used Mingzhu sisters instead of them..maybe appeal to older folks?


Here’s another clip of them, in their original voices? Coz it is not in the movie..but costumes n stage is part of the movie..confused..


Presenting the faces of the voices behind 881..the Mingzhu sisters


Of course, the evil twins in the show..the Durian sisters..plus the Getai singer Karen. Actually their voices are not too bad.


Last but not least, the famous theme song..Jit Lang Jit Pua..Gam Chim Buay Sua…hehehe…nice nice song! Full of Huang Yunren unplugged style. Wonder if will have this song in ktv? I wanna learn it. hehehe…



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