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Big Bang

Posted on: April 12, 2007

There is this analogy that likens the process of the Big Bang (evolution) to that of putting a bunch of random building materials together and then put a bunch of dynamite in the middle and it explodes to form a building. The building materials are liken to random particles in the universe which by some random chance, had an explosion and became our world as we know it.

Doesn’t this sound ludicrous? But many people just take the Charles Darwin theory of the Big Bang as a fact rather than accept that we were created by God. The idea of a creator God who designs the universe seems to be more ludicrous to some. Ok, anyway, my point is not this. These few days, well, I can say couple of weeks actually, I have actually hit such a spot at work.

I find it very difficult to do things that I do not fully understand. Unfortunately, the situation there is that people won’t wait. Everyone just expects you to be able to be like the Big Bang. Give you some advice (the building materials)here and there and you have to complete it..voila (the explosion)! You are to produce what they want (the building). If you can’t, the heat is on you.

I know..spoonfeeding is not good, but hey..how can u expect a baby to start running when walking is a problem? I mean, how can u expect one without the necessary understanding to produce the quality of work you want? I am someone who expects, myself to be able to do things effectively and efficiently. I get frustrated and stressed when I have function awkwardly. I do not mind the work I get, IF I know what to do with it. It is not natural for me to have to be so dependent on people all the time, asking for help. But now, I have to ask people every little time and this makes me feel very useless and sometimes I wonder if they ever think I am stupid or what?  I really want to do well at this job but it is ever so confusing as the email and work just accumulates as the day went by. Sometimes there is no time for you to understand, you just go ahead and when mistakes are made, that’s when you are scolded..for your LACK of understanding.

All these builds up to unneccessary stress for me so much so that I am actually contemplating to resign from this job. Of course…I am currently holding on very tightly, it is mentally draining as I try to not give up on it. HELP.


1 Response to "Big Bang"

Well, if you think you want this job and enjoy what you can achieve here, then you will have to figure a way to get things done. 🙂

No pt getting stressed. Stress normally is a self-imposed limitation. If you really love the job, then don’t give up on it. Never, ever give up, give out and give in. 🙂

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