Juz emotions taking me over

Going to HK on Wed

Posted on: April 11, 2006

Wed..juz a couple more days n I’ll be flying off to HK! Just on 7 Apr, got the news that David has injured his hand n can’t play the guitar n keyboard. Quite devastating news..was so looking forward to it. Now I juz have to be content to see him sing on stage. Maybe will see him on the street? Hehehe…

Everytime I have to fly, I think of the silly things, such as I haven’t buy my insurance for flying n I haven’t done many things. Going HK for the 2nd time. This time, will be visiting Disney too, hope it doesn’t have too many ppl (dream on..), not looking too forward to the crowd.

Last time i went HK, I remembered eating the roast goose, roast pigeon, stuff not available in SG. Now I guess cannot, since got H5N1 there (I think). Remembered I bought some pigeons for some of my budz who came to pick me up at the airport when I got back. Went to Chomp Chomp for supper n asked one of the stall uncles to heat up the pigeons. Haha…d gd O’times..looking forward to tasting the delicious dim sum there. Hehe..

Hai..this time, guess no one will be picking me up when I get home. Coz my flight lands at 11.50pm. Stoopid budget airline…give such a weird timing. Do they have to wait for all the other planes to land first? I can’t even go on the MRT/bus..have to take midnite cab home..nobody to share also, going to be expensive wor..If some kind soul decides to surprise me n pick me up at the airport, I’ll be so eternally grateful. Haha..oh ya..I am coming back on the 17th. ;p

Worst comes to worst, I guess I will have to spend the nite at the airport until the 1st MRT/bus comes along.


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