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Posted on: March 1, 2006

Woohoo, time for another entry! I wonder how come there was no one replying to my last entry, does this mean that no one reads my blog? Ok, nvm, I know a few who tells me they know what’s going on with me from my blog anyway.

Listening to JJ’s new album now, love the 1st song "ZHI DUI NI SHUO", so romantic especially with the Korean "I Love You" inside. Reminds me of Yong Ha. Hehe.. 7th song "AI QING YOGURT" reminds me of "DOU JIANG YOU TIAO" . Love the song, cute n meaningful. Last song on the album is English song called "Down", nice music but it suspiciously seems like originally a Mandarin song. So glad that he put the Channel U’s song inside the album, I liked the catchy tune. JJ’s my 2nd fav Chinese male artiste after my no.1 David Tao. Simply coz they are both sincere singer-songwriters with immense talent, are Christians and they are able to handle different genres of music especially my fav ballads n R&B. They are a couple of the rare people who I like all the songs in their albums.

Yest I went for 2 interviews. One was a 2nd interview at a sales n mktg com..found out from one of the trainers who brought me to a roadshow that there was no basic salary & therefore no CPF either. 100% commission-based. Seen those ppl who stand at the roads with broadband plans and Club rainbow charity? That’s what I’ll be doing if I take the job. Somehow that doesn’t seem to agree with me. Prospects are good, yes..but risky wor. Wat happens if I can’t get ppl to sign up? Eat myself?

The other was an admin job which reminds me of my work at my uncle’s company except that I’ll be the only one running the whole office if I took this up. The interviewer was a friendly lady but she sort of bothered me with all her opinions n good advice. You know I hate to be nagged. Even said my year at Chartered was wasted coz it did not add value to me. I was thinking, no it didn’t. Juz becoz it didn’t apply to that position doesn’t mean it was wasted. I did experience what it was like to work in a corporate environment compared to a SME n made many friends n that’s what count to me.

Give me a job I’ll love, with good prospects n I’m able to excel in. That’s all I ask , is that so difficult to find? Sigh….


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