Juz emotions taking me over

Curiosity..thinking too much..

Posted on: February 20, 2006

I am curious..curious to find out who actually takes the time to read my blog. C’mon, let me know who is my audience, post a little reply to this blog entry.

Somehow I am feeling blue these days because I have time on my hands. When I was working, it seemed that my time was consumed by work, tuition, music classes, routines that left me little to do my own stuff.

Now that that chunk of routines is removed, it seems that time is at a standstill. I juz have a lot of time and nothing to do. Sometimes I just watch tv the whole day. I still can’t manage to bring myself to do certain stuff I have been wanting to do. I guess you can call it a serious lack of discipline. Ya know, when people wish for time to do this and that, I now realise that it is juz EXCUSES..and primarily, poor time management.

Maybe routine is good, it is boring but it is good for me. I need routine to stabilise my thoughts. Numb me,  be like clockwork, I think I will plan a timetable for me, start a routine, maybe that’s the best. But on the other hand, I have a dread of routine..I mentioned before, "The worst way to die, is to die of boredom". I couldn’t agree more.

Oh..ya, I promised myself that I was going to put down this interesting statement I saw on a shop t-shirt display at Jurong Point. Can’t remember the exact words but it goes something like this.

"I hate smokers. Smoke is from the lit cigarette so in actual fact, the smoker is not you, but the cigarette. You are just the sucker at the end of it."

Hahahahaha….Hey…no offense to those who like the stick, I am not commenting on this liner in case any1 decides to scold me. I didn’t think of these words.


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