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27369 Thanks

Posted on: January 11, 2006

27369, that was the no. of calls received during David’s 2-song segment at the Renci Charity show. Happens that it was the highest number just after Ming Yi Fa Shi. 🙂 Really wanna thank all David fans out there who called in during his segment for their generosity and of course, support for David! Thanks to some of the fanclub members for their contribution to the $800 donation we made on behalf of David and the FC.

Thanks to the Renci Charity show, David fanz were once again charmed by the man. He mixed up the lyrics at the 2nd song so I had a bit of trouble following it. Haha..cute. But then, he totally made up for it, with his superb deliverance and slightly new way of singing both Ai Hen Jian Dan and Jiu Shi Ai Ni.

I was most impressed that he professed his faith and told on national tv, that he is a Christian but he had no qualms about attending this event organized by Buddhists because at the bottomline, it was simply people helping people regardless of religious differences. That’s my David, so frank and ever true to himself. I guess he was thinking that some people might have reservations about him attending the event coz he is a Christian and he seek to clarify that. You could see his sincerity at helping those in need. 🙂 Kudos to you..David!

Hee..the FC finally was able to receive and send him off at the airport after multiple failed attempts. Haha..we got our banner signed by him (passed it to the xuan chuan). It says " You guys rock and inspire me! Love Always, [David’s signature]" That’s basically what me or as all David fans will say to him "David, you rock and inspire me! Love Always.."

Hee..ok, so very happy that I got to see him at the airport, hotel and on tv. Not enough..David come back soon! Next time, I wanna talk with you, have a real conversation and take a solo photo of course! This time, we only managed a group photo (which unfortunately was spoilt by some extra people who just wanna get into the pic..duh..haha..so luckily P squeezed them out to the side) but me…I didn’t get close enough. Became the "grass" ..so sad..S & E got opportunity to stand beside him and S & P intro themselves and I was juz left at the side to be the roadside grass..*sobz*

David, if by some divine coincidence you see my blog, pls pls remember to let me take picture with you, ok? I’ll die happy…Oh..and I loved the cap you were wearing at the departure. Thank you for looking back and waving goodbye so many times as you disappeared from our view at the checkpoint. Thank you for that one last look and last wave to me when no one else was watching. Hee..

Gonna go develop the film tonite, hope everything turns out great..even those that i took of David while in front of the telly..haha..


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