Juz emotions taking me over

Fullstop. End of the Line

Posted on: December 28, 2005

Ok, those who read my last few blogs must be wondering why I turned into Ms Grumpy aka Complain Queen. Hey..can’t blame me. This past mth was just such a bumpy time and emotions juz ran at an all-time high, especially bad ones. I never complained n swear so much in my life n do hope I won’t be doing that for a long long time to come as the year closes in a few days.

So, new year, new job. Hope I manage to find one I like soon. Just had an offer today from an agency for a PA job at the Uni. I arranged to meet the agency person after work at their agency in Bugis at 6.30pm. After my colleagues wished me good luck, guess what happened? Moment I stepped out of the company, a big truck with exhaust on the top zoomed past and lots of black, I mean LOTS of black smoke just came out and the wind happened to blow in my direction, suffocating me n making me lose my sense of direction for a moment. I nearly sprained my ankle from stepping on a stone (coz I was wearing sandals with a little height).

Thank God I didn’t, but my sandel strap at the centre was nearly pulled off, survived the incident with a little black thread still desperately hanging onto the sandal. Made it to the bus-stop and later to MRT to go to Bugis. Bought a new pair of shoes ($42++, God, that was expensive!), my eyes nearly pop out when I saw the price reflected on the counter. Stupid me didn’t check the price coz I was already late at 6.40pm n the cunning salesman told me that this was ok. Never, never trust salespeople!! Grr..

Ok, i sincerely hope this will be the last complaint of the year on my blog. FULLSTOP, no more complaining!!! Like Ma Xiao Ling’s dad said, "Xin jiu mei you *complaint*, bu xin jiu  you *complaint*"..kekeke…

My bro is finally ROMing this Sat, wonder why he chose this date? Easy to remember? Hm..guys..hahaha..Ok, hope he will have a blissful marriage and give me some nephews and nieces very very soon. Haha..I love babies!! So cute….Ok, Kor, if you happen to read this, know that Mum not too pleased with your wifey over clothes washing stuff. Must separate male and female erm *cough, cough* u know lar…She ask me to tell your wifey, how to tell?? Aiyo…u tell her lar..


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