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Feedback to the boss

Posted on: December 26, 2005

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Ok…I have had enough of the replacement. My goodwill to her went unappreciated. Previously I had decided not to teach anything. Then when she came, I taught her what she needed to know. She is turning me into a ‘yuan1 gui3’. So I decided it was time for some honest feedback to the boss…see what I wrote….


I feel that I should be giving you some feedback now that it has been a week. I am having a very hard time with your new staff. If possible, I would like you to speak with her that the one I was having bad feelings about is not her and things are already over. I accepted the facts and I am not the one making things difficult for the other.

(1) She is very determined to think that I treat her as an enemy and am out to make things difficult for her, no matter how I explain that.

(2) I am trying to handover but her learning progress is very slow. She has poor memory and I have asked her to take down notes whenever I teach her. I see her doing it sometimes but have no idea what she is taking down ,because if she does, I certainly have no idea if she understand what she wrote. Things that I have already answered her, even if it was a few seconds (I am not exaggerating) she will forget and ask me again even though I have seen her taking down the answer I had given her. As a result, I told her that she should not be asking questions for the sake of asking, because apparently my answer went unnoticed. She retorted by saying that she had not asked me before and I am hostile to her or she will simply say she forgot.

Recently was this PR thing that I was teaching her. I showed her 2 demos, explaining every field and asked her to do a PR herself. I had seen her taking notes when doing the demos. When asked to do herself, she was asking me each and every field (as if this was the first time she saw one) and ended up that I got to go through every single field with her and spent more than an hour on doing a 5 min simple expense PR. When I left for a few minutes to attend to an escortee, I asked her to do herself and I will check when I am back. I came back and saw that she had not moved a single field forward.Thankfully she is better at the 2nd attempt after I made sure she was taking down every single thing I said.

(3) She is taking up a lot of my time. From the moment I walk in, she is at my desk to ask me questions. I have to spend hours explaining things over and over and my work is lagging behind. I have asked her to only ask when necessary and to refer to her notes if needed. However, she said that I am obligated to tell her and my work can be put aside first. I do not agree with that my work should be pulled down because of her lack of understanding her work. Who is the one it will reflect poorly on if my desk is piled up with paperwork? Hope you can let her know that as much as she is trying to do her work and I am also trying to do my work.

(4) She requested me to pass her everything and I am trying to pass on as much as possible but as she cannot absorb everything, I have to pace her, to let her slowly absorb. However, my goodwill seem unappreciated. She told me that I am holding things back, not telling her everything she needs to know (that was on the 3rd day of work). I have worked here for almost a year and have learnt a lot of things to do. I do not see how I can tell her everything in 3 days and, I do not see how she can learn everything in 3 days especially given her learning progress. Hope you can advise her to be more patient.

(5) This morning, I found her waiting at my desk, and she told me that she had just used my PC. I find it very rude of her to do so. I am not due to leave till 16 Jan and I see her action as very offensive. If she wishes to sit at my place so much, I will grant her that. But that still needs your approval, so if you approve, I would like to ask to be transferred to the empty desk at network team’s area to spend the rest of my workdays.

(6) I find that she has a lack of initiative and independence to do the work although she will ask a lot of questions. Her dependence on me to advise her on every single task is time consuming and frustrating on my part. Yes, she is new, but when I was new, I never depended on Jasmine for every single thing I do. Even filling in a lunch catering form, she requires me to explain every field to her.

I will be compiling a list of things (in detail) that I have already taught her. This list, I will pass to you to let you know what has been handed over.

Thanks & rgds,


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