Juz emotions taking me over

jobless part 2

Posted on: December 13, 2005

Here’s a little update. I just talked to my supervisor yesterday n found out that they already got the replacement ready to start work next week. And guess what? o o

he told me that my Director actually wanted to terminate my contract by next week to cater for the new gal. Then he persuade him to let me continue until my contract ends which is like 1 more month. So in the end, the BIG BADDIE turns out to be the Dir..If he terminate me now, I won’t get the contract bonus. See..so EVIL! Hope he rots.. ( ( (

My supervisor said it was a job mismatch and the Dir felt I am not suitable. So if I am so unsuitable for the job, why wait until now when my contract is about to expire then say? Obvious what his motive is.

He asked me abt the interview with the Dir when I was hired. He said that it was conveyed to me that Dir had told me I would be covering admin work as an equal part. I said that it was conveyed to me that I will be handling like 80-90% SOX project work and 10-20% admin work. Turns out to be the exact opposite and I also think it is a mismatch. I didn’t want to do admin work that much, so if he had told me at that time that it would be like this, I will not have taken the job. His emphasis was on the project and now it turns out I am doing more admin work. I told my supervisor I knew that they will not renew me a few days ago coz I saw the ad. Now, people who know abt this, all keep saying that I can find a better job elsewhere and to hell with that heartless low-life.


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