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We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo..

Posted on: December 11, 2005

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how bout’ you, you, you..You can come too, too, too, we’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Anyone still remember this zoo song from a very long ago kid’s show called Cai Hong Xia Ri Ying (Rainbow Summer Camp in English)?. Very catchy n cute song. Ok, so I went to the zoo yesterday while having this song buzzing in my head haha.. wonder when was my last visit there? I think it must be when I was a little kid coz I knew I went, but I dunno exactly when.

Yesterday, I went with Fifi, her bf n her fren+kid coz I had won a ballot for the 4 tix in my company. I was there from 9.30am – 5.20pm. We went around the whole zoo, walking back n forth. n I was hoping to see the penguins (after seeing part of the show – the March of the Penguins) but unfortunately we were too tired at the end of the day n I just passed them by while on the way out. Had prayed for good weather and thank God we did have a cool (rained before we went) and not wet day..juz my fav kind of weather in Singapore.

Some interesting highlights of the trip..we saw monkeys, lots of monkeys of different species to be exact. Last time I went to night safari, there were lots of deers, and now I discovered that the zoo has lots of monkeys. hahaha..Also saw some very big animals like polar bear (it was huge!), elephant, giraffe, croc..colorful ones like the leopard & jaguar(did you know they look almost the same?except jaguars has spots in the middle of their spots! Amazing! I always thought jaguars are only black color.), a type of chicken which has black/blue/green/yellow/red color feathers calledJin Ji (aka golden chicken, haha..i 4got the name for it in English so direct translation), peacocks, butterflies, super-smelly ones like the rhino n cow, cute ones like the raccoon, mousedeers, hamsters n not forgetting some tiny tiny little monkeys!! So cute! 🙂

Also nicked Fifi’s bf cold jokes with "lama"(one of the animals we saw, looks like a camel) coz it sounds like "lame". haha…we all felt he said a lot of cold jokes which we dunno why he think it’s funny..Fifi says his jokes "are so lame" so I said "yah…so lama" haha.. We went for 3 shows "Elephants of Asia", "Animal Show" and one more with the chimpanzee n seal.

Animal Show was disappointing coz there was only 2 dogs n 2 sheep. One dog, the star called Brandy refused to do the trick n left the trainer a bit embarrassed. The other herded the sheep n did a finding stuff exercise n an obstacle course. I was expecting the miniature horses or something. Also saw a horse carriage about 4 or 5 times as we walked around. The horse was magnificent, well groomed n tame. Liked the sound it makes when it walked. Clip Clop Clip Clop..

Back in the sucky realworld of "at work in office" now, he(u ppl who follow my blog shld know who) emailed me n ask me to see him at 3pm coz he wanna see the PRPO reports. Bet he is going to ask me how I generate it n teach him..else no one in the office can do it.

Hmmph..YOU KNAVE..still not telling me that you are looking for people to replace me? Acting like it is the most natural thing that you are asking me to do? If I wasn’t obligated to the company, I will never tell you what my jobscope is n let you put up ads for my job.


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