Juz emotions taking me over


Posted on: November 17, 2005

ah…its finally Friday and I’m going for Ben and Jess’ chalet maybe tonite or tomorrow morn for the weekend. Hope it’ll be loads of fun..I think I have lots to countdown to this mth..(1) My Pay Day (2) Another Friday [I always count down to Friday, haha..] (3) Ben and Jess’ chalet (4) last but not least..the most most most important one…8 more days to DAVID TAO concert!!! hehe…super-excited that it is so near already.

Sure, something happened that sort of killed my mood the past few days, but I dun wanna talk anymore about that INFURIATING, IRRITATING, LYING, HYPOCRITICAL, UNREASONABLE, COWARDLY, ASSUMING, SELF-SERVING, WHINY LUMP OF SHIT, LOWLIFE, SCUMBAG!!!!! No…describing you as "shit" will be an insult to "shit"..coz at least "shit" can be used as fertilizer to benefit the plants but U?!?! Definitely cannot compare with "shit"..

U think your life will be in danger after you did what u did. But I’m not so free to deal with you and I am a civilised human, not like you. I would love to see u beaten to a pulp but I won’t dirty my hands or my FC people’s hands with your blood. With your kind of attitude, it’s only a matter of time before justice is meted. You can expect that we will kill you with our eyes at the concert when our distraction (David) is not around.

You think that just becoz we are David’ sFC, n u like DT, we have to be your slave, for you to command and ill-treat?? Dream on..fat hope..We are forming FC by choice and we have the choice to see who we want to be helpful to. YOU ARE DEFINITELY out ETERNALLY. Sure, we were not expecting things in return. We helped you and this is how you decide to repay us by attempting to destroy our good name, slandering us and spreading lies on David’s forum and scolding my VP repeatedly for not getting you what you want when we NEVER made any promises to you. You on the other hand, was the one who agreed in black and white that you understood our stand.

Sheesh..ok, anger vented. Now I am going to plan for my FC stuff and you are THANKFULLY out of it by your choice.


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