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Z Chen~Happiness

Posted on: November 1, 2005

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Another star-gazing week..Have transformed to 100% Z’s (Zhang Zhi Cheng) fan for these few days haha..

First, went to KBox anniversary to see Z & attend a fanz’ private gathering, then yesterday to NUS for his campus concert & today to the airport to see him off…Absolutely unbelievable that I saw him so many times & he did recognize me the 2nd time onwards..hehe..

Sunday…at Kbox anniversary, he kept asking us to lift the placards higher n he winked when he saw me waving his album n said "see u later" haha..at the gathering, I got him to sign his latest album for me n he sang my name out when I asked him to write on the album..haha. Love the way he talk with all the JB tone Chinese purposely, so relax n real n he fielded fanz’ questions very well, talked a lot.

Monday..he was late for interview at 88.3 at 10am. I tuned in at 10 n waited till I fall asleep around 10.20 coz all the songs so nice. Caught him at 10.45 when I suddenly sensed I was listening to English FM..tuned back n there he was!

Later in the evening at NUS Temasek Hall. Nearly couldn’t get in coz we didn’t have tix n the PIC was on her way there so, although we were at the front of the Q, gotta let hundreds of people in before she came. Lucky the NUS guy Jeff, after talking with the HIM staff, led us in by another way n even arranged for us to sit at the 1st row! Got to sit quite middle n again Z smiled, pointed at me n winked when he recognised me. Took lots of photos & Z was so lively n making all the poses n singing so well. His rendition of Kuai Le with their Xinyao group(2 guys playing guitar)was go..o.od! Too bad he didn’t do an encore, n I didn’t get any of the posters he was throwing..coz all throw to the back..hmmph.

At nite, listened to 93.3 and 100.3. He made Z bread for the DJs, so sweet hor!! He had gone to Breadtalk earlier that day n made some bread. Hee..I sent a few msgs to 100.3 n I think he saw them..or at least one of them! Coz I ask him to wave at the webcam n he did. Waved across slowly then rapidly then made a lot of funny faces n sneaked around n popping up at the webcam..hahaha…so so CUTE n SWEET wor..DJ said he was making monkey faces haha..that was the most interesting part on the webcam. But the interview was really well done. Hope he read all the encouragement notes.

Today, he was due for flight to KL for his promo concert tonite. I got to Changi airport at 10.20, expecting him at 10.30. But he wasn’t there. So went to Coffeebean to buy a cookie n asked them to put a smiley face using whipped cream on it. Waited till 11 then someone got a call from the xuanchuan that he was already checked in. Ran to the glass doors n saw the xuanchuan who immediately called someone inside to bring Z to see us from inside. Too bad he already passed the checkpoint, so he could only wave at us from one end to another at the area we were standing n even blew us a kiss n ‘tou xiao’. haha.. Then we got a sweet surprise! The xuanchuan told us Z had something for us n promptly brought out some bread that Z made for us at Breadtalk!!! Was his name Zhi Cheng in Chinese!! She told us that Z wants us to have it 🙂 Aw…so sweet right??

Then she decided to give us another bread also made by Z (I think for her). The Z Cheese bread!! She told us Z made 8 pcs..n here was one. I wanted to take out of her hand to see but she wanted us to eat it first. So I take n she pull, so guess what? Ai…We took pics of the ‘Zhi Cheng’ before we decided to either frame it or eat it. Framing was unrealistic so we ate it after thinking for hours. Haha..What a sweet guy he is right?

Definitely on top of the list for friendly artistes who really show care for the fanz..will always support him!

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