Juz emotions taking me over

What’s the worst way to die?

Posted on: August 19, 2005

The answer for now would be to die of BOREDOM!! c”,

The maggots of boredom are eating away whatever little life left in me right now in the office as I’ve nothing much to do for the WHOLE day…So so…bored…I’m just thinking of all the activities I cannot do right now to KILL my boredom..The only one that I can do is just to listen to music. Doing that on my pc now, but getting sick of the music coz it is the same everyday.

Everytime someone walks past, my heart skips a beat coz I would think it is the Dir or my supr. You never know those moments when they just decide to walk past or hide in a corner to watch your every move. I’m being haunted by the supr/Dir, everytime i look at the computer, i keep thinking that they are watching me from behind, esp when I hear footsteps (like every few secs) n turn around to check. I am getting PARANOID!!

Ok..calm down Mel…few more hours to kill and you are FREE!!! Wait…..I still got tuition to go later..HAI….not free not free…until like 9pm at nite, then i gotta rush to do something I promised a fren to get done by Sun and tomorrow will be a whole day bustling with activities. Then I also have to get ready for the fanclub meeting stuff..terribly bz…


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