Juz emotions taking me over

God is good!

Posted on: August 2, 2005

Oh..something to share this morn, God is so good! Ok, happens that I signed up for free aerobics classes in my company coz of the weight management course. So planned to go for them every Wed and Thu (why not? Its free! Used to pay $50 for 12 lessons!) But Wed got staff meeting, and it often ends late. So today morn, I pray and ask God to do something abt it so I can go for the 1st class.

Guess what? Just got a call from my Dir, that he wants to cancel today’s meeting! See God is soooooo GOOD!!

Tonite, going for the Answers in Genesis seminar, helping out Ben in the book sales. Hope to see some of my frenz there, wonder how’s the response? Pray abt it later n hope to see them!

Gotta go now, tata!


1 Response to "God is good!"

God is Always Good! Amen!

Sorry any misunderstandings.

I also got pilates on every Wed night… but work alwis made me late… I leave office ard 7.45-50 reach e sports complex hor.. abt 8.15pm… lessons end at 8.30.. missed so many times… lucky still got my swimming on friday… but din go for 2 weeks…

Now I am a mute.. becoz I lost my voice!!! how pathetic.. ppl in office will say becoz I talk.. but stewpig fone calls passed to me how?? must talk wat! bo bian… how things will get better…

Anyway, work harder for the book sales!

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