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How many roles am I playing?

Posted on: July 13, 2005

Early in d morn, and someone comes n ask me "Where is the Director?" Hey..I am NOT his secretary, stop asking me the dumb qn!! Juz dun understand, exactly how many roles am I playing in my job? I have people calling me (1) AA (Admin Asst), (2) SOX Administrator (for a long-term proj I am working), (3) Director’s Secretary (dunno y dat director goes around telling ppl who look for him, to look for me when he doesn’t give me rights to see his schedule?!? DUH..), (4) CCB Secretary (Juz got this yest at the mgmt’s staff mtg..from my mortal enemy, who made himself "Chairman" of that SOX Board)…see, how come i am being paid peanuts for so many roles? Double DUH..Ppl say the only reason why ppl are paid peanuts are coz they are monkeys..haha..(yah..I’m born in the yr of Monkey, but I’m no monkey at work, K??)

Yest after d mtg, went out for lunch with the mgrs, my supervisor (aka mortal enemy), asked me how long my contract is? I was thinking of 2 possibilities why he asked.

(1) He wants to terminate it (haha..coz I very obviously, dun show him respect sometimes. How to show respect for ppl who dun deserve? I’m no hypocrite.)

(2) He wants to extend it (so that I can continue to cover his work lor..)

Well, certainly hope (1) doesn’t come true, coz I want that contract ‘bonus’, since no AWS. If he takes (2), unless he increases my pay 2 a satisfactory level, he can jolly well forget it. Anyway, I dun intend to stay, so no use unless the package is too attractive to resist. coz i dun wanna be stuck in admin job 4ever.


1 Response to "How many roles am I playing?"

Some explanation for your ??s:
-You are paid peanuts coz you are a nobody inthe co..only “somebody” in a co. will be paid highly..eg..CEO of NKF haha…..one year bonus.. wow..of coz, it all link to why you got multiple roles too.. High Paid person alwiz have clear identity abt their roles.. but not You.
-I am also a Monki, but i not paid peanuts..at least compared to yours..
-Contract: If he terminate, he stil hv 2give 1month notice rite..
Whens your contract ending? One yr rite..If he is renewing..i think its too early to ask you now..(So, Option 1 more prossible. sorry..negative thinking)how satisfactory can a increment be?one will never be satisfied..again, they won tbe bother to satisified you unless you are that “somebody” in the company.. so wait long long..no need think so much now..

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